Friday, November 5, 2010

Atheist? Good for you, was I supposed to care?

People complain all the time that people of different faiths preach too much about whatever faith they may be, or that they try to shove religion in peoples faces. It's certainly said quite a bit about Christians. Personally, I don't really care, intelligent conversation about anything religion or otherwise I always welcome. Stupidity and "word is law" type attitudes towards things I don't care for much on any subject I am not too keen on.

I was raised in a religious family, went to sunday school, learnt my bible verses, was a sunday school teacher as a teenager, was baptised, the whole nine yards. I went to university and studied many different religions for further understanding. I believe I have a for the most part a christian foundation to my beliefs, I don't believe the bible is THE WORD, and the be all end all of everything. I think people can choose to believe or not to believe whatever they wish. Yes, I do believe some people take the bible to literally, and that those people tend to be the ones screaming hellfire and damnation to people, which in turn tends to cause issue.


I think people who preach non-belief are just as bad as those who preach belief in a forceful manner, and just like atheists do not want to hear what believers have to say about God, guess what? Religious people don't want to hear you preaching about your magical land of nothing and empty, its the exact same principal, and that being thrown in the face of someone with faith is just as terrible as fundamentalists doing the exact same thing.

I listen at least once a week to a few people rant on about atheism, good for you, you don't believe in God. But I also listen to the same people piss and moan if someone so much as mentions religion in a favorable tone, yet, people who are of faith are supposed to listen to this drivel?

You're an Athiest, I get it.
I believe in God, you get it.

I don't preach to you, show me the same damn respect.
Talking about it doesnt make me believe or not believe any less.



Advocate said...

Not only do you bring up some good points about tolerance and maturity, but also, in the entire time I have known you I distinctly recall never having been proselytized once. Ever.

Corporate Overlord said...

I don't believe in preaching anything, but sometimes I still do. I think its a trap plenty of people fall into from time to time. I'm trying to be more aware of my weaknesses, but I think the person in question doesn't have a clue they have any :S

As for religion or not, live and let live is my thing.

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