Friday, November 5, 2010

Atheist? Good for you, was I supposed to care?

People complain all the time that people of different faiths preach too much about whatever faith they may be, or that they try to shove religion in peoples faces. It's certainly said quite a bit about Christians. Personally, I don't really care, intelligent conversation about anything religion or otherwise I always welcome. Stupidity and "word is law" type attitudes towards things I don't care for much on any subject I am not too keen on.

I was raised in a religious family, went to sunday school, learnt my bible verses, was a sunday school teacher as a teenager, was baptised, the whole nine yards. I went to university and studied many different religions for further understanding. I believe I have a for the most part a christian foundation to my beliefs, I don't believe the bible is THE WORD, and the be all end all of everything. I think people can choose to believe or not to believe whatever they wish. Yes, I do believe some people take the bible to literally, and that those people tend to be the ones screaming hellfire and damnation to people, which in turn tends to cause issue.


I think people who preach non-belief are just as bad as those who preach belief in a forceful manner, and just like atheists do not want to hear what believers have to say about God, guess what? Religious people don't want to hear you preaching about your magical land of nothing and empty, its the exact same principal, and that being thrown in the face of someone with faith is just as terrible as fundamentalists doing the exact same thing.

I listen at least once a week to a few people rant on about atheism, good for you, you don't believe in God. But I also listen to the same people piss and moan if someone so much as mentions religion in a favorable tone, yet, people who are of faith are supposed to listen to this drivel?

You're an Athiest, I get it.
I believe in God, you get it.

I don't preach to you, show me the same damn respect.
Talking about it doesnt make me believe or not believe any less.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Music Recap, October.

I love finding new music, or sharing music that I've enjoyed for awhile that people may not have heard of. I've found a few things this month that I really enjoy and I thought I would share. I listen to all different types of music, so I hope theres something for everyone here.

I'll start off with How to dress well- Ready for the world Music with a nice chill ambient and almost etheral feel to it that just makes you want to close your eyes and take the world in.

Next up is Sharon van Etten, a wonderful songwriter that reminds me very much of early Cat Power, might just be me, I like her voice and her album is splendid. I look forward to hearing more from her, she recently released her first album and is certainly a talent I will continue to support.

Next up, boy oh boy, I don't know how I didn't know this fellow existed til 4 days ago. But if Billie Holiday and Tom Waits had a baby then C.W. Stoneking is that child. This man has so much soul it blows my mind. I HIGHLY encourage getting every single piece of music this man has ever made in his life, because every bit of it is sheer brilliance. This man has been making music for ten years, and I wish I had known about him since he started. Very rarely do I find an artist that truely wows me, and its been a few years since the last one that has, and I have to say, I feel priviledged to have heard this mans music.

Thats it thats all, more next month!

Winnipeg, a love and hate relationship.

Today is our mayoral election here in Winnipeg, and yes, we are in need of a serious house clean in our cities government. Will we get it? Most likely not, as we don't seem to be a city that likes to stray far from what it is we know. Do I hope for a change in the powers that be? Absolutely.

Our current mayor, who came mostly from an entertainment industry background as far as I am concerned should have never gotten to be mayor in the first place as his term has displayed he has little clue what to do when it comes to running a city. From putting into place a rapid transit system that has yet to see its full potential be realized after years of the project being passed, to hiring private companies to do city jobs under the guise of giving the little guys more business, to ignoring the bigger more pressing issue of rising crime rates in the city and develloping some sort of action to get the garbage of the streets. All and all the current mayor and his contingents can be summed up very nicely in the statement "Too many chiefs, not enough indians."

So yes, I am hopeful for a change of pace, however my skepticism tells me it wont happen, it will just be someone new to lay blame on. People expect instant change in politics, and thats not the way it works, on any level of government. All I hope for is someone in charge who will change things for the better, not for what the public wants, but for the betterment of this city as a whole. I'm tired of watching the citizens of this city get a pat on the head and a piece of candy for every small thing they do wrong and be told not to do it again. Time to shape up or ship out Winnipeg.
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