Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winnipeg, a love and hate relationship.

Today is our mayoral election here in Winnipeg, and yes, we are in need of a serious house clean in our cities government. Will we get it? Most likely not, as we don't seem to be a city that likes to stray far from what it is we know. Do I hope for a change in the powers that be? Absolutely.

Our current mayor, who came mostly from an entertainment industry background as far as I am concerned should have never gotten to be mayor in the first place as his term has displayed he has little clue what to do when it comes to running a city. From putting into place a rapid transit system that has yet to see its full potential be realized after years of the project being passed, to hiring private companies to do city jobs under the guise of giving the little guys more business, to ignoring the bigger more pressing issue of rising crime rates in the city and develloping some sort of action to get the garbage of the streets. All and all the current mayor and his contingents can be summed up very nicely in the statement "Too many chiefs, not enough indians."

So yes, I am hopeful for a change of pace, however my skepticism tells me it wont happen, it will just be someone new to lay blame on. People expect instant change in politics, and thats not the way it works, on any level of government. All I hope for is someone in charge who will change things for the better, not for what the public wants, but for the betterment of this city as a whole. I'm tired of watching the citizens of this city get a pat on the head and a piece of candy for every small thing they do wrong and be told not to do it again. Time to shape up or ship out Winnipeg.


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