Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Music Recap, October.

I love finding new music, or sharing music that I've enjoyed for awhile that people may not have heard of. I've found a few things this month that I really enjoy and I thought I would share. I listen to all different types of music, so I hope theres something for everyone here.

I'll start off with How to dress well- Ready for the world Music with a nice chill ambient and almost etheral feel to it that just makes you want to close your eyes and take the world in.

Next up is Sharon van Etten, a wonderful songwriter that reminds me very much of early Cat Power, might just be me, I like her voice and her album is splendid. I look forward to hearing more from her, she recently released her first album and is certainly a talent I will continue to support.

Next up, boy oh boy, I don't know how I didn't know this fellow existed til 4 days ago. But if Billie Holiday and Tom Waits had a baby then C.W. Stoneking is that child. This man has so much soul it blows my mind. I HIGHLY encourage getting every single piece of music this man has ever made in his life, because every bit of it is sheer brilliance. This man has been making music for ten years, and I wish I had known about him since he started. Very rarely do I find an artist that truely wows me, and its been a few years since the last one that has, and I have to say, I feel priviledged to have heard this mans music.

Thats it thats all, more next month!


Mr Bloody Mojo said...

Liking this stuff for sure, particularly the Stoneking...very nice... exactly HTF did this gu make so much music that we weren't hip to...better late than never eh?

Advocate said...

I look forward to your next entry.

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